Bob Stinkfinger - Bass Guitar
RabEye – Drums & Background Vocals
S.F. Joy Boy - Vocals & Guitar
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RabEye – Drums & Background Vocals

RabEye originally comes from the Capital Region of the U.S.A. where along with being in many rock bands he dabbled in politics, was pirate radio disc jockey, and wrote a screen play for Roger Corman which was surprisingly rejected.
Had S.F. Joy Boy and RabEye not met at a roller disco, then they would have surely met at the type of establishment shown in RabEye’s photo (A Sex Toy Store). Maybe Joy Boy would have pretended to accidentally back into RabEye’s rubber fist

The more observant of you may notice that part of RabEye’s head is missing. RabEye’s head is not included in the picture because many people find RabEye’s eyes to be “incredibly offensive” when he is excited. At a peak moment of excitement, his eyes have been described as a cross between a Pug and Louis Armstrong hitting a high note. (Click on the blank area where the rest of RabEye’s head should be to see for yourself.).

Likes: Things that are used to hit other things
Dislikes: Hippies and Prog Rock

bob Stinkfinger   Bob Stinkfinger - Bass Guitar

Bob Stinkfinger is from Yonkers, NY, where he used to give guitar and music theory lessons to young students.

He fled the Big Apple in the early nineties to seek refuge in San Francisco after brutally beating one of his students to death with his own guitar. It seemed that even after months and months of daily lessons the young boy would never be able to execute a sweeping arpeggio that would satisfy his teacher's high standards. One day, while attempting this again, and failing, Bob lost his patience at which time he snatched the guitar from the student's hands and proceeded to bash it over the boy's head until he was flopping around on the floor in a pool of blood and pieces of his guitar. Bob quickly gathered his things and headed west.

Likes: His hero - Sponge Bob Square Pants, bluegrass music, reading books about serial killers, and long walks on the beach
Dislikes: Commercials for Enzyte, crowd sing-a-longs, camping

  S.F. Joy Boy - Vocals & Guitar

S.F. Joy Boy, former child actor turned metro-sexual guitarist/singer/songwriter, has been in many bands before this one. The bands usually end after a crying bass player says something like “No, I refuse to play anymore more songs about pooh”.

Known for his tenacity, S.F. Joy Boy keeps on trying after continual setbacks. One such setback was the aborted Harpo Marx biography, where Joy Boy was supposed to play mute Marx Brother as a child (the release of the film was canceled either due to lack of financing or the inappropriate behavior of an older Harpo with a younger Harpo, depending on whose story you believe). Joy Boy also pretended he was a Mariachi musician and played for Burrito money during a particularly lean time.

Likes: none
Dislikes: The MISTER PENIS USA Pageant "[Penis] Size plays too big a part in the scoring of the Pageant." Sex Toys “I feel like I have been misrepresented by the Sex Toy Industry”, and older men that resemble Harpo Marx.

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